Why I Love Harbor Freight Tools

by admin on September 6, 2010

Harbor Freight Tools Rock!
My only complaint is that they aren’t open 24/7 and its takes me a good 20 minutes to drive there.

Where else can you get a 2 dollar hammer, 10 dollar socket set, 20 dollar brad nailer, 30 dollar HVLP spraygun, 40 dollar IR temperature gun, 50 dollar drill press, 60 dollar air compressor? At Harbor Freight Tools You Can.

If you want quality long lasting tools that you earn a living from call SnapOn, visit Sears or go to Orchard. If you’re a hobbyist DIY weekend garage warrior like me, go to Harbor Freight Tools.

Sign up for emails and you’ll get weekly emails with harbor Freight coupons for 10, 15 and sometimes 25 percent off.

I’ve purchased many items. The items that did fail, failed immediately which I was able to return quickly for a refund or exchange.

Go in with the expectation that you get what you pay for. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the harbor freight tools I have purchased. They stock some specialized tools like dovetail jigs, biscuit joiners, dowel jig, exhaust fans, tubing rollers, sheet metal brakes, mini mills, english wheels, safety wire pliers and other items.

As a hobbyist I can’t justify investing too much for tools, so Harbor Freight Tools is a blessing. If your making a trek, be sure to call in advance to make sure the item is in stock. If they are low, have them hold it for you. They often sell out of advertised specials. If they do, you can request a rain check. ¬†They also have an on-line store which they also will price match from. If an item is online for less, print a copy of the webpage and the cashier will honor the lower price.

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